It’s Not Fair: Thinner Hair on the Head, Thicker Hair on the Face

There was no doubt in Rachel’s mind: Her unwanted female facial hair felt like a biological contradiction. She asked her physician about these hairs, and he told her they are normal. But for Rachel, who wanted her upper lip, chin, and cheeks to be smooth, the unwanted hair was taking an emotional toll.

It is especially taxing for women who find that, as they get older, the hair they want to be full and luxurious-on their heads-gets thinner while their facial hair gets thicker. As they age, women find that their eyebrows tend to thin out. They need to shave or wax their legs less often. But hairs on areas that they never noticed, such as the upper lip, chin, and cheeks, become more prominent.

This new hair growth comes with hormonal changes, which are a normal part of the aging process. Women who experience this are hardly alone, even though it sometimes feels to them that they are the only ones going through this alteration.

Luckily, for women like Rachel, electrolysis provides a successful, guaranteed method of removing hair, whether it is black, white, or gray. Women who have shaved or waxed hairs away all their lives can now turn to electrolysis to remove all hairs permanently.