Remove Unwanted Facial Hair With Electrolysis

Feeling Pluckish? Don’t! There’s nothing quite like looking in the mirror to find that an unsightly hair has sprouted. It’s like a pimple – everyone gets them but what are you supposed to do with yours? Unless you like visiting your electrologist, don’t reach for your tweezers. The hair you pluck is the hair that’ll grow back even more stubborn than before. To your body, plucking feels like an injury, and blood gets sent to the area to promote healing. In the process, the hair follicle gets stronger and can also awaken some sleeping friends surrounding it.

Okay, Pnina, So How Do I Shake The Stray?

First, take a deep breath. It’s so normal! Book an electrolysis appointment so we can nip it in the bud. Since you’re probably going to need to leave the house before seeing me, I would suggest shaving it with a simple razor or trimming the hair with a pair of scissors. I know you’re thinking shaving will make the hair thicker. Allow me to bust the myth: your hair will not grow back thicker, it only appears that way when using a blunt razor. Shaving (with a sharp blade) will allow your follicle to remain intact and leave the root perfectly primed for treatment, whereas tweezing or waxing the hair will force us to wait until the hair has grown back before it can be treated.

So, the next time you get that hormonal chin hair or notice more prominent growth on your upper lip, drop the tweezers and pick up the phone, you’ll be hairless soon enough! Schedule an appointment by contacting our team at (862) 283-1243.