There Are Three Methods of Electrolysis

When looking for the right method for getting rid of unwanted hair growth, it is important to understand that there are varying methods for doing so. One major way of removing hair is electrolysis which uses a device that destroys the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy. You can actually drill down electrolysis even further. There are actually 3 different methods of electrolysis that you can use to stop hair growth in its tracks. 


What are the Three Methods of Electrolysis?

The Galvanic Method

Electrolysis was invented in 1875 by Dr. Charles Michel. The original electrolysis method utilizes direct current and is called the Galvanic Method. During galvanic treatment, the client holds a rod that facilitates the salt and water (NaCl) located in the follicle to turn into a different chemical composition-sodium hydroxide (lye). The highly alkaline nature of the lye destroys the germinal layers of the hair. This method can use multiple needles simultaneously, hence this method’s moniker, “Multi-Needle Electrolysis”. The Galvanic Method holds the probe longer in the follicle, which allows it to save time by treating multiple hairs at once. The chemical reaction happens at the base of the hair follicle allowing this method to be comfortable for the client. Moreover, this method is the most effective for coarse hair and is far superior for distorted follicles because, as a fluid, the lye flows to the base of the follicle. 



Another method commonly used today is Thermolysis, also known as Short-Wave High-Frequency Technique. This method was developed in the 1920s by Henri Bordier. Using a heat current, thermolysis causes energy to emanate from the probe tip and heats up the hair follicle, processing is the electrocoagulation of the hair follicle. Per minute this is the fastest method. The treatments are very comfortable, especially on the face. 


The Blend Method

The blend method was invented in 1938 by electrolysis combines thermolysis together with the galvanic method. This combination uses aspects of each method. Thermolysis (heat) causes a faster chemical reaction than the traditional galvanic methods. Also known as the dual method, the blend utilizes both methods simultaneously in one treatment. This method is a little more time-consuming than thermolysis but hands down there is much less hair regrowth.


Finding the Treatment for You

If you’re dealing with unwanted hair growth and would like to give electrolysis a try, book an electrolysis appointment so we can get it taken care of asap! Don’t keep shaving hoping this will be the last time, knock hair growth out at the source. If you’re ready to start your journey of getting rid of unwanted hair, schedule an appointment by giving our team a call at (862) 283-1243.