“I’ve tried different Electrologists, using different methods, for years. Pnina is the only one who gets results! I’m so impressed with her work!”

“I’ve tried electrolysis in past. Unfortunately it didn’t work as I had hoped. I didn’t believe there was a point in trying but decided to give it another chance when I heard about Pnina at Perfect Touch, out of desperation. Pnina easily treated me, leaving me hair-free. I can’t thank her enough!”

“I was sure that laser would solve my hair problems for life. It didn’t. After numerous treatments, I still had hair growth. Pnina taught me that for certain areas, laser can actually make the hair growth worse, whereas Electrolysis can remove the hair completely. She was right! After one treatment of Electrolysis custom tailored for my needs, my hairs were miraculously gone! I would never choose any other way!”

“The hairs were embarrassing. I didn’t know who to tell and needed someone who would be sensitive. I felt so badly about myself and didn’t know what to do. Pnina changed that. She assured me, treated me, and left me feeling confident and radiant!”