ELECTROLYSIS – Not for Vanity, for Quality of Life

As an electrologist, I am greatly dismayed whenever I learn that that the emotional and psychological discomfort of a woman who suffers from hirsutism (unwanted body hair) is dismissed as mere vanity. I know that my services to help women permanently remove unwanted body hair positively affects their quality of life.

When many of my clients first come to me, their negative body-image, caused by their unwanted body hair, is a mental burden that makes routine daily life a torment.

Rachel, a 22-year-old woman who came to me recently for unwanted facial hair, is a good example. When I first met her, she was clearly suffering from psychological stress. Her hirsutism was the cause of low self-esteem as well as depression and anxiety. She had no other psychological issues, but she had been spending a huge amount of time trying to manage her unwanted hair on her own.

In short, she was very well aware that her unwanted hair was making her feel awful. I was able to assure that the results obtained through electrolysis would help her lead a better life.

Rachel knew electrolysis was not going to ensure her a love life or a better job, but, because it resulted in her feeling better about herself, when she completed her treatments, her self-confidence level soared, clearing the way to an improved quality of life.

Because she had realistic expectations about the effect of permanent hair-removal treatments, she is certainly a satisfied client.