Electrolysis is the Solution for Women who are Constantly Plucking at Unwanted Facial Hair

When Goldie came to see me for her unwanted hair, the first thing she told me was that she had decided to talk to an electrologist after years of marching around with a pocketbook full of tweezers, reading glasses, and magnifying mirrors.

She spent her time in her car checking her chin in the car mirror, looking for hairs that she could see only from a particular angle and in a certain light.

At home, she kept the tools of her trade tucked away in bathroom drawers where she hoped no one would see them and suspect her secret: that she had unwanted facial hair. She engaged in her plucking only when she was alone.

When I told her she was far from alone, Goldie was genuinely relieved. I told her the next time she was in her car, she should see how many women she could catch staring at their chins in the rearview mirror when they were stopped at a red light.

It may not be fair. After all, men don’t have to worry about facial hair, but, for women, unwanted hair can be a source of daily chagrin.

Fortunately, there is a solution, one that will forever eliminate the need to find a secret place to pluck those unwanted facial hairs. Electrolysis is the technique and science of permanent hair removal.